Application deployment fails with ‘Error’

What do you do when your application deployment fails with ‘Error’.
In my case the cache was full. So I inceased the size, re-ran the reployment using Right Click Tools and it was still in the ‘error’ state.

My system is based on System Center Configuration Manager v1910.

The Issue –

Deployment is stuck in the ‘Error’ state.

Resolution –

1. Right click the deployment and click Properties.

2. Click the Scheduling tab and change the deployment schedule to some when in the future. In my case I moved it a few mins ahead of the present time.

3. Click OK. Then keep refreshing the deployment (This worked in my case).

4. The application should then show as either In Progress or Successful.

You may need to use Right Click Tools and re-run the deployment and wait a little longer for the application to deploy.