Create boundaries – v1910

Series – SCCM: Boundaries, Discover Workstations & Client Push Install

1. Create Boundaries.
2. Workstation Discovery
3. Client Push to workstations

In this post I am going to explain how to add Boundaries to your configuration. Boundaries are a requirement to effectively discover workstations in your environment.

To do this we are going to use System Center Configuration Manager v1910.

1. Go to Administration > Hierarchy Configuration > Boundaries.

2. Right click on Boundaries and Create a new Boundary.

3. There are 4 different types, I am going to choose IP subnet from the drop down menu.

4. Enter your Network and Subnet mask. It will automatically create a Subnet ID for you.

If you wish you can also add this to a Boundary Group using the Boundary Groups Tab.

Once finished, click OK.
You have now created the Boundary.