Creating/Deploying task sequences – v1910

Series – SCCM: Operating System Deployment (OSD) –

1. Adding Drivers + Packages
2. Updating Boot Images.
3. Adding an Operating System Image.
4. Creating/Deploying Task Sequences.

In this post I am going to show you how to create and deploy a Task Sequence. This will be deployed to Device Collections.

To do this we are going to use System Center Configuration Manager v1910.

1. Go to Software Library > Operating Systems > Task Sequences.

2. From the home tab click Create Task Sequence.

3. On the first screen check Install an existing image package. Then click Next.

4. Give it a name, then browse & select your boot image that matches the architecture of the .wim file which you added. (x32/x64). Then click Next.

5. On the Install Windows screen, browse to your .wim file of your OS.
Specify a Product key if you need, or leave blank if you are using a KMS key.
Specify a password for the built in administrator account if you wish. Then click Next.

6. Browse to your Domain & to your Domain OU where the computer object will be placed.
Specify an account with permissions to join the workstation to the domain. Then click Next.

7. Clcik Next on the Install Configuration Manager screen.

8. Un tick all 3 options on the State Migration screen. Then click Next.

9. Click Next on the Include Updates screen.

10. Add any applications which you wish to deploy alongside the OS deployment. Then click Next.

11. Check all settings on the Summary screen. Then click Next and continue to completion.

You have now created your Task Sequence. You now need to deploy it.

1. Right click on the Task Sequence and click Deploy.

2. Browse to the collection which you wish to deploy to.

3. Read the pop up message which appears. You need to be careful which Device collection you deploy this to. I would recommend deploying it to All Unknown Computers.

Select the collection and click OK. Click Next on the General screen.

4. Change the drop down to Only Media and PXE. Then click Next.

5. Click Next on the Scheduling screen.

6. Click Next on the User Experience, Alerts and Distribution Points screens.

7. Continue to the Completion screen.

You have now deployed your Task Sequence. Go ahead and try PXE booting a machine.