Cloud-only deployment with Windows 10

I wanted to begin testing the concept & design of the ‘serverless’ school. The strategy would be to migrate all user accounts to Azure Active Directory so that they become ‘Cloud-only’ & manage all devices using Azure/Intune. With the overall goal to replace the on-premises Active Directory.

This is purely for testing and my aim is to show how the ‘Cloud-only’ school could be achieved.

In this series I will utilize the following Microsoft cloud based technologies:

  • Intune – Device management.
  • OneDrive – For user documents.
  • SharePoint – For shared folder contents.
  • Exchange Online – For management of mailboxes/communication.
  • Teams – To enable online meetings.

Please read the posts below where I show how I have used some of the above technologies.

  1. Join a device to Azure & Manage with Intune