Join a device to Azure & manage with Intune

Series – Cloud-only deployment with Windows 10

There are 3 main ways that you can use to join your devices to Azure & Intune.

The join method that I wanted to test here was Azure AD Joined. This is where a user has signed into a device using an organisation/work AAD account.

I began testing with a user which was assigned the Azure AD Premium P2 license.

Device Enrollment

1. Within the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center I navigated to Devices > Enroll Devices > Automatic Enrollment.

For testing purposes I defined 1 group (which contained my test user) within the MDM user scope options. Once finished, I clicked Save.

2. I set up a Virtual Machine running the Windows 10 Enterprise OS. This device was using an evaluation license & was non domain-joined.

Sign in using Organisation work account

3. I signed in using my organization work account. At this point it began the usual sign in process and successfully logged into the Windows 10 device.

4. I changed the hostname of the Windows 10 device & rebooted.

5. After a few minutes I returned back to the Endpoint Manager admin center and navigated to Devices > All Devices.
Here I could see that my test client had joined to Azure AD & displayed within the Endpoint Manager/Intune admin center, as shown below:

Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Endpoint Manger/Intune

The device has now been joined to Azure using the Azure AD Joined join-type and can be managed using Intune.