Windows 10 Customization LTSC 2019 v1809

In this series I will focus on the delivery & customization of the Windows 10 operating system. Over the years I have deployed Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 into multiple secondary schools bringing a managed, modern OS to all users.

Time is running out for Windows 7. Upgrade to Windows 10 now

LTSC is my OS of choice because features are updated less frequently compared to other versions, the Store is also not included in this version. This works well in a school as we can fully manage the changes deployed to the environment. It also means there are fewer apps on the devices for students to interfere with during lessons.

I will add to this list over time but please find a list of posts below which you can read through to customize your Windows 10 environment

  1. Require user to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to unlock workstation
  2. Hide username of last logged on user
  3. Change logon screen text
  4. Apply logon/lock screen background
  5. Apply desktop background
  6. Hide People icon from taskbar
  7. Apply managed start screen
  8. Apply managed start menu
  9. Apply Default application associations