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The finished decking.  Time to crack open a beer and try it out.

Decking and wall building - 2015

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Ben Matthews


  1. The finished wall, freshly rendered in Blandford, Dorset.
    19 Mar, 2019
    Rendered Wall - 2019
    Here's a wall we recently finished in the Georgian town of Blandford Forum in North Dorset.  The customer wanted the existing brick wall at the front of the property rendered, with some new pillars built on top to accommodate fencing in between.  We firstly built the pillars on top of the existing wall before beading up and rendering over everything.  The render mix we chose was a mixture of sand, cement, and lime in a 6:1:1 ratio.       The render was applied in two coats; a scratch coat and
  2. Kitchen Extention - 2018
    27 Oct, 2018
    Kitchen Extention - 2018
    Here's an Kitchen extension we carried out this year in South Somerset.  The property had a very small kitchen for the size of the house, but was blessed with a single storey outhouse the other side of the kitchen.  The outhouse had a corridor linking the front and back gardens, a small downstairs W.C. and a large store room.  We knocked through from the existing kitchen into the outhouse, took out the internal partition walls of the outhouse and began transforming both rooms into a beautiful
  3. Feather edge fencing in North Dorset
    18 Nov, 2017
    Feather edge fence - 2017
    Here is a fence I built recently in North Dorset using feather edge fencing.  The fence separates the rear garden from the adjacent footpath, where there had previously  been a conifer hedge.  Most of the fence is 1.8 metres high but drops down to 0.9 metres at the front of the  house. Figure 1:  The drop down from 1.8 metres to 0.9 metres. Standard fence panels look great on an even gradient and straight lines, but are very tricky to get looking good where fences are built on curves and
  4. builder Somerset builder Dorset wall
    18 Nov, 2017
    Reclaimed brick and stone wall - 2017
    Reclaimed brick and stone wall in Somerset built using a traditional lime mortar
  5. The finished bathroom.  Time for a nice hot bath!
    27 Nov, 2016
    Bathroom Refurbishment - 2014
    Bathroom refurbishment from 2014
  6. B Matthews Building Services
    08 Nov, 2016
    First Post!
    I've been meaning to build a website for a long time and finally got around to it (yey!).  It's been hard finding the time whilst working full time and having a young family.  I'm planning on posting many of my past projects up here in the blog over the coming weeks and months so apologies there's not a lot of content up here at the moment.  Watch this space...
  7. Freshly plastered walls.
    08 Nov, 2016
    Plastering re skim - November 2016
    Last week we carried out this simple re-skim plaster job in Bristol.
  8. Kitchen Extension, Southmead Road, Bristol
    08 Nov, 2016
    Kitchen extension- 2014
    Here is a single storey rear kitchen extension we built back in 2014/15.